If your home included a Lutron Caseta light switch, read these instructions to activate your Lutron Smart Bridge.

If your home includes a Lutron Smart Bridge and a Lutron Caseta in-wall light switch, follow these instrucitons to activate the Smart Bridge.

The Lutron Caseta in-wall light switch is installed at the time of construction and works just like a standard light switch. Once the Lutron Smart Bridge is activated, you can then use your Lutron Phone app to control this light.

The Lutron Smart Bridge is installed in you low voltage panel, and has a sticker with Lutron Icon on it.

Simply plug in the Lutron Smart Bridge and follow the instructions in the Quick-start guide shown on the left. There is also a copy of this Quick-start Guide with your printed information in a sleeve inside the door of your low voltage panel.

If you need any assistance, use the Lutron help resources in the app, or use our contact info below.

Helpful installation videos from Lutron: