Questions about Home Technology for your new home construction?

What is "Home Technology and Home Technology wiring"?

Low Voltage in your new home is all the wiring that controls things, carries video signals, network or internet, and audio. There are High Voltage wires that power lights and appliances, but think of Low Voltage as wiring for everything else. If it has a speaker, a WiFi antenna, or carries video to your TV, it's probably Low Voltage.

Do I need speaker wire installed in the wall during construction?

During construction (before the walls are up and the paint is finished) is the absolute best time to plan for the future. Planning for music in your new home is a great way to add to the magic of your new castle. In-ceiling or in-wall speakers allow you to fill your rooms with music, while keeping the gear to a minimum, and having a super clean look. By putting the speaker wires in the walls during construction, you save money and can have your music system installed soon after you move in.

What are network outlets for and how many do I need?

Network outlets are ports in the wall that allow you to connect to your home network. The port has a wire that travels through the walls to your network router and internet service devices. While many of the devices in your home will connect to the internet by wireless WiFi signals, it's a good idea to still have wired network outlets for some devices that work best with a wired connection. It also really helps to create good WiFi coverage in the entire home. Place these where you might need a fast connection to a computer like your home office, or at locations throughout the home where you may place WiFi antennas for better wireless coverage.

I want a media room, but don't know much about them...

No problem! Media rooms are very popular these days and are a great way to unwind with family and friends with a great movie or just to watch a great game. There are many options, and we can help you choose what's right for your taste and budget. What's great about planning during the construction of your home is that wiring can be placed inside the walls and the media room built out once you move in.

I want a security system, do you offer systems and monitoring?

Yes, we do! Our partner company, CTX Security, is a full-service security system and monitoring company. Working with your builder during construction helps us give you the advantage of customizing your home for your needs, then providing you with 5-star service once you move in. Even better, CTX offers no-contract monitoring and very competitive monthly rates. 

I have a question not covered here...

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